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AHCC Capsules

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Product Details

AHCC Capsules

AHCC Capsules from Arctic Chaga contain a proprietary blend of premium shiitake mycelium root extracts, specially formulated to deliver support for sustainable health benefits:

  • Enhanced immune support
  • Promotes liver health and function
  • Encourages cytokine production and macrophage activity
  • Supports optimal health and a wellness-focused lifestyle
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Full Description

Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is a natural myconutrient found in several species of shiitake mushrooms. Preliminary research demonstrates that supplementation with AHCC extract is linked with several important health benefits:

Powerful immune health support. Laboratory studies show that AHCC supports a spectrum of immune response benefits, including enhanced cytokine production, optimal T-cell and macrophage activity, and superior NK cell efficiency. These are all elements that support peak immune health at the cellular function level.

Liver health booster. AHCC has demonstrated in clinical trials the ability to naturally support optimal liver function, by helping to efficiently cleanse common toxins, microorganisms, and chemical compounds. AHCC helps fortify the liver and makes it less susceptible to damage over time.

Cancer inhibitor. Published studies demonstrate a link between AHCC and suppression of a variety of cancer cells, including ovarian and other HPV-related cancers. AHCC has the potential to support therapeutic remediation for other cancers, as well.

Our AHCC capsules contain a proprietary blend of shiitake mycelium root extracts, harvested responsibly and processed gently, to maintain the highest levels of quality and potency. 1-2 capsules daily is all you need to enjoy support for ultimate wellness.

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