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Chaga Immune System Booster 50:1 Extract | My Blog

Chaga Immune System Booster 50:1 Extract

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Product Details

Potency elevates our immune system booster above others: 50 pounds of raw, wild-harvested chaga from the frigid Alaskan wilderness is condensed into each capsule of Chaga Immune System Booster 50:1 Extract. That attention to quality ensures this antioxidant regimen is a top-of-the-line boost for effective immune support, while also promoting energy balance, mood regulation, and relaxation.

– Targeted immune wellness

– Digestive support

– Antioxidant performance

– Physical and mental well-being


Full Description

Optimal immune wellness requires support to help neutralize dietary and environmental toxins. Chaga Immune System Booster 50:1 Extract leverages the power of the chaga mushroom, used for centuries to promote anti-aging and wellness benefits. Modern science has unlocked the secrets of this incredible superfood: clinical research has revealed that chaga contains 215+ myconutrient that help naturally build strength, balanced energy levels, and provide support for a lasting immune boost.

Our chaga is wild-harvested in the remote forests of the Alaskan interior, near the Arctic Circle, in frigid temperatures that maximally preserve freshness and potency. This remarkable organism has thrived for millennia in the world's harshest environment, thanks to a spectrum of protective and nourishing myconutrient. Now you can enjoy that same protection as part of a health regimen that includes Chaga Immune System Booster 50:1 Extract capsules.

Supplement your way to ultimate wellness with this powerful formulation of chaga-sourced antioxidants and nutrients designed to fight back against free radicals, support natural healthy immune function, and help you enjoy a wellness-focused lifestyle.